Marang Buru Hembram

I am Marang Buru Hembram. I’m currently studying in grade XII in Taldangra Fulmati High School, Taldangra, Bankura. I’ve the first position there among all the girls and boys. My family consists of nine members. I’m the third son of my parents. I am reading in arts group. I stay socially connected in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, imo and in Whatsapp. I also do photography on different subjects by camera and by my phone. I have an two elder sister and I live with my parents in Kashiboni.


I read in Taldangra Fulmati High School, Taldangra, Bankura.


Since I’m an student, I’ve my Upwork and Freelancer ID so that I can earn a bit extra money. I also write articles in English Wikipedia, Bangla Wikipedia and in Simple English Wikipedia. I’m an auto – confirmed user there. I’ve done a download site. I’m always humbled to do these. Visit my tech website:


I’ve been studying in Taldangra Fulmati High School from the beginning. I look forward on debating. Now I want to be a police.


Reading, Texting, Writing, Photography.


I’m a Gamer. I play both Android and PC games. I also played games in Windows Phones. More than 350 games (July 20,2018) I’ve played on those devices. I also love to watch movies. Hollywood, Bollywood, Tally-wood, Dhally-wood movies are watched by me. More than 500 movies I’ve watched till now. (July 20, 2018)

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